Blog Feature : FEMININITY IN THE BUSINESS WORLD || by Paola Gobina (Part 1) 

Mr X happens to be a very good friend of mine. He is a very smart and intelligent young man, with a very impressive record of life experiences. He happens to be someone who has travelled a lot round the world, met a lot of people and encountered so many cultures. I am honoured to have him, not only as a mentor but as a friend too. Once, not long ago, X and I got into an instructive conversation and when we were about to close up the topic, he told me these very encouraging words “Paola, you are a very promising young lady”. I must admit, I was flattered, exclusively for the fact that it came from him. However, the “jaw-drop” effect stroke me when he added “You will certainly encounter success, I mean, look at yourself. You are beautiful!” That remark actually left me dumbstruck for a while and today, honestly, I regret my silence. He should have probably intended it to be a compliment but unfortunately for him, I did not take it from that side of the token. I was speechless to realise that my dear friend thought out loud my imminent success would be more as a result of my physiological beauty than for the fact that I could be smart, intelligent or resourceful enough for it. Nevertheless, X and I are still very good friends, my regards towards him remain unaffected and I never miss an opportunity to learn from him.

Femininity in the business world

Being a woman, black or white, African or not, I always say this to my friends- out of experience, believe me –is already very tough. Being a woman in business is even more hard-hitting. I would not boast of a very loaded business career because it would not be true but I can say this, every day I push open the gates to the business world and I must confess, the ushers are not very hospitable. The first phase happens to be that of intimidation and the appeal for respect from the male counterpart, where I found myself until a week ago. The “What will I wear” dilemma which always finds itself between accepting one’s femaleness and being respected by one’s audience. Just like Chimamanda Ngozi on her very first day as a writing workshop trainer (Read “We Should All Be Feminists” by her), we end up wearing very ugly suits and letting go of our favourite glossy lipstick which we might consider very “distracting”. There is the constant fear, especially for the most ambitious, to be found just “beautiful”. The more “girly” you look, the less serious you are, no matter how “decent” your outfit looks. This almost, if not already, makes me think that to be a “woman in business”, you have to dress like a man or look “more serious” as “they” would say. Cover yourself… 

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Black Bold Lines 12 || UNLOCK


Recognise the problem if you want to solve them

Optimists, I can’t identify with all of them 

Community is dying in the hands of “mendem”

When you can’t stop the fighting, you will fall on top them 

Good people hum great ideas in their chest 

Just because bad people have no interest

This is not my style, this will not be my style 

I understand it all, I won’t put them in files 

The invisible hand is strong enough rise 

Marry my words and let your mind walk the aisle 

I am not into buzz no time to mesmerise 

If Rice can rise above water in heat 

A complex being can do more than defeat 

This is not a hit song so I won’t repeat 

It’s safe to die on your knees 

Fighting for something you need 

Than to die on your feet

“Fucking the things that ain’t neat” 

Bold  – …And as always thanks for reading 

Broken Pixels 12 || In Digits 

I tease the devil a little

It’s hard to understand when you are stuck in the middle

Earth in digits every beautiful figure can turn into evil

Made up of dark leather jackets like the ones from The Beatles

My emotions are dead

I still hear them mumbling in my head

My Spirituality is hungry, I need the living bread

Slow walk, deep words, life of a chilling nerd

This is all random until you watch from the top

Views from the birds

When  life says action, please don’t say cut

Some scenes are tough

Keep the film rolling, save the rough shots

If I go explicit these words won’t be enough

To explain how I feel

The things which are fake and that ones that are real

The true friends you have or the ones who run from bills

Sense – see – thief generation, leaders of Cheap thrills

We can go on and on

But the energy is wrong

If everything is broken, try to reborn

Straight lines of real things sounding like a bomb

If you don’t understand it, please reread ’cause I’d “be gone”.

Thanks for trying…

iGeraud explained in 15 Seconds || CAD



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Why Ovation ? #bts || The preview 

Ovation is appreciating someone, that’s for short. We as humans need to appreciate and support each other. Most importantly while we are alive. It’s just confusing seeing people organising lavish funerals, memorials and all…Ovation; we need to be there for each other not later, not tomorrow but now.

The project was Inspired by my love for creative writing, epic sound and the matching of audio-visual. Something I actually inherited from my father. I decided to put out this package; a combination of sound, video, poetry and something you will get to know when it drops. 

It’s a reflection of my point of view, the way I see life, the important things. It’s HARD to explain without the material but it’s by far the most epic of my creation. It’s an expression of what we know, what we need and what we have to do to fully live in harmony as humans for a better tomorrow. 

Edi LeDrae the man behind the sound, much respect and gratitude. He is not even aware of how amazing the sound is to me and the whole concept in general. Sleepless nights, tiredness but still inspiration kept us awake to put together great effects, 808s, soul touching strings, violins, mad kicks and all…Turning 3minutes into an epic mind blowing journey.

Yes! You have to sacrifice, i can’t tell anybody why am doing it apart from changing one person, one life that’s all. If this can change one person, the way we see and connect, then it’s a done deal. I am ready for anything, crtisism, support , hate (as usual) love (as always) it’s going to be good I promise…

Until then, support and appreciate each other now.

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Black Bold Lines 11 || “my eye dear” 

I am Running out of “eye dear”

sweat rolling down my chick like a bottle of cold beer 

Life can be childish 

But don’t give it a teddy bear

The vibe is feeling cold, someone needs to “Add dress”

I wish I could press these words in your mind on word press 

Creating something different for mankind 

My eye dear

Manipulators say people are manipulated 

All you need is one “punch”, on your dreams instead 

Your body is acting numb actions are wicked 

It’s Black Bold Lines, this one can’t be deleted

The shadiness is shading the shader 

Just believe you can fly even without feathers

A Dead man can’t climb a lader 

Be humble, be good, everytime you go higher 

it’s dangerous out here even hell knows 
Heart of gold becomes dark on a fresh rose 

“I believe in one Cameroon” says my ghost 

“you can’t believe in something 

that’s doesn’t exit

like having three nostrils”; says my nose

My “eye dears” speak so I keep my mouth closed

…And thanks for reading …#blessed 


Broken Pixels – 11 || Inferno 

​I am one of the “breast”

Drank from the fountain of strength on her chest 

She gave everything worked with less rest 

Complicated moments only build you for the best 

Be proud of your parents, work hard put them first 

Mama cried couples times wiped tears with her dress

I Chased demons so she could sleep with no stress 


It’s hard to explain to a stranger 

Where we come from people feed from the manger

That’s deep stretch your brain do the yoga 

we eat, sleep, dream Jesus like a preacher 

True stories from a strange writer 

More like scriptures inspiration from our father 

Pray for daily bread and don’t disrespect the baker 

Searching for perfection and security – Seven 

I use to flip coins on my fate to decide if it’s – heaven

I walked for miles to get bread from the – oven

scary thoughts in my head a closed – coffin

Dad is gone for good I use to dream about him – often 

I’m on the sixth line worried about the – seventh 

All glory and honour to the name on the – eleventh

…and as always thanks for reading || 


– Music || Ok, there are more than one million quotes on how music affects the mind, soul, body ( not twerking please ) and all those words are true. Listening to good music I mean the really good jams with the ability to provide multiple goosebump sessions is a great way to keep and maintain a happy state of mind. listening to good music produces dopamine to your brain which helps in the creative process of your day to day activities, ( NB: you won’t find this in my biology book but Google got me ) calm tunes can also drift your mind away from anger in a matter of minutes. So when you miss some happy moments, jump on to some good calm music ( …and sorry Arafat, you are good but this topic is not for your sound) 

– Food || This point will only have three lines ’cause you already know how good food is and the crazy humming sounds you make after your first bite. ” A hungry man is an angry man” so force yourself with some nice plate of your favourite dish ( Dans la sauce) happiness will be yours. Don’t forget to add some juice please. ( I apologize if you are hungry while reading this, get some food and stay happy) 

– Real Friends || yup! I intentionally added real to it. It seems like scientists need to come up with a “Friendometer” these days, Some people say you can’t choose friends well, that’s an argument which can last for as long as you still have mobile data. ( ’cause it’s a digital world, people only meet in whatsapp groups ) Real friends are not only the ones who hang out with you when you are broke or sick, real friends don’t care about what you want they are after what you need and are ready to help you have it. 8 out 10 people don’t have real friends, so…good things don’t come easy, it’s hard, keep searching, when you find one “Hollam tyt” and stay happy.

-Passion || this one sounds easy but trust me it’s difficult to figure. Most people enjoy certain things, they can as well do it, does it make it their passion ? yes it’s their passion but Nope! it’s not if they do it for money or can’t sacrifice time to do it and enjoy the whole thing like their lives depend on it. (can we use passion of Christ ?….yeah something like that) Do what you really love, that which makes you smile and stay happy with yourself for little or no monetary reward ( apart from happiness) 

– Silence || Now you really want to know how keeping your mouth shot can make you happy?… keep reading my friend. 6 out of 10 things that comes out of our mouth daily ends up nowhere, ( by nowhere I mean useless, I didn’t want to sound rude to you ) think of it, what makes you talk ? is it the feeling that what you are about to say is right or you just can’t handle silence? if you ask me I would say both but we can avoid a lot of crappy word exchange and “useless” mouth production ( by the way mouth production is a good name for a music label think about it) therefore, we need to use our minds more in judging our action and imagine the feedback before making one. ( sounds like analyzing your future) yes that’s exactly what I am talking about, possible feedback and you will realise in less than 24 hours your mouth will rescue you from so many “stupid mouth production” thereby keeping you happy always. 

…and as always thanks for reading…


– Mean Words || yup! everybody at some point receives a couple of mean feedback for bad behaviour, smashing someone’s new shoes, or not doing anything at all…so Why? sometimes you deserve it but mostly, some people feel good about themselves by killing other people’s vibe. Mean words have a long history of sparking up disputes amongst friends, family and even strangers. Now you maybe wondering, “why isn’t he bringing out some examples or past experiences” that’s not the topic “John huryness” (mean) So keep things cool, identify the faults if any, correct them, apologize, (cuz it’s free) then hit right back with the best of your behaviour, kindness, hard work and love.

– Poverty || yup! sure candidate on the list. To be broke as it’s now called world wide can be very depressing ; unable to flex, provide, invest, and even follow your dreams to an extent. Spoiler alert, being poor is not only about money, you can be poor in spirit, poor in reading ( I’m just kidding you are a good reader we are talking money here bruh!) Sometimes you go so broke and start blaming your ancestors (chill!… they didn’t even have smartphones to share their Status) and poverty brings people closer to God, oh! yes (guilty reader) Now think of something lucrative, meet people on the same line of practice, ask for help (you need it) and develop your skills, monetize it, be patient and watch how “mami bakala” fall in love with your wallet. 

– Death || A moment of silence if you lost someone dear to you, if not, keep reading to know how others feel…(savage) Death is our final destination, we will all leave someday and it hurts (I feel like a Pastor at a funeral right now). It’s Painful, watching that very nice, supportive, rich and funky friend or family member lifeless in a coffin (can’t wait to end this point, so sad) tears will fall, hearts will be broken but getting back up doing the best you can to continue his/her journey plus supporting your own self is where motivation comes in. Nobody can cry for years, move on, be grateful for life and do the best you can to survive. 

– Failure || passed in four papers 165, Judas Tchiroma Nji …aaand (it wasn’t your name after all) Sad. When you fail in your projects, business, or “relationShit” everything goes dark at the moment. The investment, commitment, time…etc are some of the things some people really cry over not the course per say ( savage again) but failure is part of life, why? cuz it’s part of life, we can’t actually take it out of our lifetime. Now what? we can convert all its negative energy add it up to the desire for a successful project, business, “relationsweet” plus all the lessons learned. See !, failure is not bad after all, in fact the worst part of it all is being afraid to fail. (cliché…yes I know) 
– Environment || I actually saved the best for the last, Why environment ? is it about climate change, bad roads, air/ noise pollution and dust particles ? Yes, ’cause dust particles can make you run out of “eye dear”( pun ). Your environment affects you fatly, growing in a rich and wealthy Neigbourhood you worry less on some things like fighting for your future as compared to making it out of the ghetto fiasco. We can’t choose the environment to grow up in, ’cause you are not the one paying the bills. So far the state of an environment has contributed a lot in changing the mindset of most people, making them to question so many things thereby fighting for a better life or just hang in there and enjoy all the goodies from a better spot. Spoiler alert, there is no bad environment just people doing wrong things at the right time, ( console yourself) it’s sad but as a motivational tool, it’s huuuge! ( Donald Trump’s voice) 
Done! and as always thanks for reading… like and share if you enjoy, check out other articles to Infotain your mindset. 

Black Bold Lines 10 || 4/5 vs 1/5 

4/5 Vs 1/5

Cameroon cannot be “one” without the E

Alphabetically I’m talking about equality

Smartphones in the West can’t see E

Online Hustlers be like “j’ai raté ma vie”

Please excuse my French 

In this ocean marginalisation is like Mariana Trench 

Too deep, murdering dreams, stench 

In short ” Anglophone them don over warm bench” 

and manipulation can never quench 

I have been shooting words like am Go Pro 

4/5 & 1/5 belongs to one but not the same tho 

Married unconditionally with no ring from the word go

Sometimes I feel like “burning” these words on Nero 

Only to hear it play again in my head like a CD, princo 

It’s Black Bold lines 10

A stitch in time saves 9

10 regions but “we” focus on 8

Marching for the wrong reason since 7

Ghost Town twice a week till 6

Our leaders are amazing someone give them a hi 5 

or 4

maybe 3

Nevertheless spread love, stay safe call a friend or 2

For in the end before God we are 1

…and as always, thanks for reading…share, like. #iGeraud 

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