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#BlogFeature || Wan Shey – Creativity Versus Art

Creativity versus Art

Art is the product/result of a process which directly or indirectly touches the soul and is aquired through indepth studying and polishing of a particular skill set (Painting,music,dancing etc) while Creativity on its own is a skill which is birthed through innovation by providing a solution that is at the same time “unique and useful” in whatsoever social context.

Art is a process while Creativity is a solution. In other words you can be creative but not artistic,artistic and creative,artistic and not creative.

In Hip Hop Culture for example, we know legendary guys who singlehandedly not only mastered the various art forms but recreated and took them to whole new horizons.
Dj Kool Herc basically created the hip hop music movement by isolating sites from funk records and together with other Djs like Grandmasters flash,Theodore and Case introduced scratching on hip hop beat.

This example just comes to highlight the peculiarities in the two concepts. Dj Kool Herc got inspired from funk like a true artist and then breaking it down to isolate sites then further scratching was being creative. Creativity is a school of thought, learning to think out of the box, breaking away from status quo and pushing art or any other form into taking different unique and useful turns.

Art is the eyes and hands that spot and harvest the banana while creativity is the mind that turns them to heart shaped biscuits after seeing that there is high demand for biscuits in the markets and no heart shaped biscuits etc.

So to my fellow artists,let your art be accompanied by the will to innovate and uniqueness and usefulness will be inevitable.


I Ran…

It was a cold evening. I lost it, like menchum fall sweat came down so fast I could taste every salty drop. I had to run away the melody in my head was far from style plus’ and glory drops’. My conscience was smiling as a ran out of that filthy environment. Guilty was my nickname at that time, and my mind wasn’t ready for any further enjoyment.
I ran as fast as I could, with no plans of looking back, I directed all the energy from the food to my feet.

I arrived safely. Now the question is, what was i running from?. It wasn’t the police, it wasn’t an angry father chasing me for chasing her daughter, it wasn’t a crime scene either. I was running from me, Yes!…I was “usain bolting” myself from my own track, my own platform, my own lifestyle. The true definition of me. I left my true self behind out of fear, I didn’t believe one bit in me. I was scared to “bandy Kiki” my ideas, my creativity, my enigma energy and more.

Don’t leave yourself behind, don’t be ashame to show up with the real you inside. Don’t enter the room with a copied personality thinking you are going to paste greatness in their minds. Don’t be politically correct with yourself only to be given a CPDM treatment at the end of the day.

If you must run, runaway from the fake YOU, the broke YOU, the I will make it happen and nothing happens at the end of the day. Run if you must, for when you are gone, they will respect you for running an impactful race and not for a triumphant arrival.


And as always, thanks for reading…


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