Enigma 10

Walking gently on a cold Saturday morning, so many thoughts in my head. I can start from any angle as long as i trust these neurons. My entire existence trapped in cells for there is nothing to hold on to. It’s a long walk alone, for far too long things seem to be clear enough for me to understand but i doubt. It is cold out here, i see nothing but dry leaves dancing to the wind; my imagination keeps running wild, hard to keep track of time. It is definitely not sunny out here, i can feel cold right deep inside my dermis.

Question, where am i going to and why? how far is this place if i may ask? Real or euphoric ? Is this another episode of my lucid dreams?. Well, you can never have all the answers they say; Some things will never change. The destination is clear enough but it’s not so easy to point fingers to the right direction. I am aware of the walk, cold and long as it can be but i am also aware of these dry leaves hitting each other, making incredible moves at the same time not knowing what or how. I can’t even talk to the wind, i have no such powers i wish could. These characters are amazing only if i can keep myself warm. My attention span is laughing at me, my eyes are wet, my fingers are numb, my legs don’t give a damn about the kind of sounds my knees make. I must walk and fast too.

Black is my favorite color, since my heart and skin are part of me i think black is more than just a color. I have nothing to worry about, i own nothing. If we belief in the unknown, the unseen and even the unbelievable then there is more to life… enigma



About igeraud4

Eselem Geraud (IGERAUD) is a fun person, cool, friendly, a degree holder in Journalism and Mass Communication, social media personnel, digital marketer, creative writer and a die heart Music fan. Making people happy through any form of entertainment is what i live for. Either by writing, public speaking or chat room discussions. My articles are my views/opinions, imaginations and a way of uplifting readers through art.

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