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Broken Pixels || 13

​Time is contagious 
The things it can bring are outrageous

Cursed to be spontaneous

A mind of rock like the deity of the sky – Uranus

How can we escape

Our lives are rapped to be played like tape

My pixels are broken I explain the state

Do extra and be rich

These are state of the art thoughts

Things average people can’t preach

Be humble & strong like a negative pitch

This is pure enlightenment

You can call it wisdom i am not here to teach

Some turn Prophecy into currency
Threatening weak minds with poverty

Using their fear to gain prosperity

Now this is the gospel of intelligence

Free your mind from the negligence

Cast away the demons this is resurgence
We need to learn

We need to work harder to earn

We need to stay strong till the end

Follow your path with hope don’t bend

These things are hard to follow

I make it soft and easy with words

But it’s hard to swallow

It’s like playing trap music when time it’s for tango

I feel like killing bad people like my name is Django

Life is what you give “this tin no be jambo”

Be grateful, you might be RAY but your life is not FARGO

…and as always, thanks for reading



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