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Broken Pixels 12 || In Digits 

I tease the devil a little

It’s hard to understand when you are stuck in the middle

Earth in digits every beautiful figure can turn into evil

Made up of dark leather jackets like the ones from The Beatles

My emotions are dead

I still hear them mumbling in my head

My Spirituality is hungry, I need the living bread

Slow walk, deep words, life of a chilling nerd

This is all random until you watch from the top

Views from the birds

When  life says action, please don’t say cut

Some scenes are tough

Keep the film rolling, save the rough shots

If I go explicit these words won’t be enough

To explain how I feel

The things which are fake and that ones that are real

The true friends you have or the ones who run from bills

Sense – see – thief generation, leaders of Cheap thrills

We can go on and on

But the energy is wrong

If everything is broken, try to reborn

Straight lines of real things sounding like a bomb

If you don’t understand it, please reread ’cause I’d “be gone”.

Thanks for trying…

iGeraud explained in 15 Seconds || CAD



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Why Ovation ? #bts || The preview 

Ovation is appreciating someone, that’s for short. We as humans need to appreciate and support each other. Most importantly while we are alive. It’s just confusing seeing people organising lavish funerals, memorials and all…Ovation; we need to be there for each other not later, not tomorrow but now.

The project was Inspired by my love for creative writing, epic sound and the matching of audio-visual. Something I actually inherited from my father. I decided to put out this package; a combination of sound, video, poetry and something you will get to know when it drops. 

It’s a reflection of my point of view, the way I see life, the important things. It’s HARD to explain without the material but it’s by far the most epic of my creation. It’s an expression of what we know, what we need and what we have to do to fully live in harmony as humans for a better tomorrow. 

Edi LeDrae the man behind the sound, much respect and gratitude. He is not even aware of how amazing the sound is to me and the whole concept in general. Sleepless nights, tiredness but still inspiration kept us awake to put together great effects, 808s, soul touching strings, violins, mad kicks and all…Turning 3minutes into an epic mind blowing journey.

Yes! You have to sacrifice, i can’t tell anybody why am doing it apart from changing one person, one life that’s all. If this can change one person, the way we see and connect, then it’s a done deal. I am ready for anything, crtisism, support , hate (as usual) love (as always) it’s going to be good I promise…

Until then, support and appreciate each other now.

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Black Bold Lines 11 || “my eye dear” 

I am Running out of “eye dear”

sweat rolling down my chick like a bottle of cold beer 

Life can be childish 

But don’t give it a teddy bear

The vibe is feeling cold, someone needs to “Add dress”

I wish I could press these words in your mind on word press 

Creating something different for mankind 

My eye dear

Manipulators say people are manipulated 

All you need is one “punch”, on your dreams instead 

Your body is acting numb actions are wicked 

It’s Black Bold Lines, this one can’t be deleted

The shadiness is shading the shader 

Just believe you can fly even without feathers

A Dead man can’t climb a lader 

Be humble, be good, everytime you go higher 

it’s dangerous out here even hell knows 
Heart of gold becomes dark on a fresh rose 

“I believe in one Cameroon” says my ghost 

“you can’t believe in something 

that’s doesn’t exit

like having three nostrils”; says my nose

My “eye dears” speak so I keep my mouth closed

…And thanks for reading …#blessed 


Broken Pixels – 11 || Inferno 

​I am one of the “breast”

Drank from the fountain of strength on her chest 

She gave everything worked with less rest 

Complicated moments only build you for the best 

Be proud of your parents, work hard put them first 

Mama cried couples times wiped tears with her dress

I Chased demons so she could sleep with no stress 


It’s hard to explain to a stranger 

Where we come from people feed from the manger

That’s deep stretch your brain do the yoga 

we eat, sleep, dream Jesus like a preacher 

True stories from a strange writer 

More like scriptures inspiration from our father 

Pray for daily bread and don’t disrespect the baker 

Searching for perfection and security – Seven 

I use to flip coins on my fate to decide if it’s – heaven

I walked for miles to get bread from the – oven

scary thoughts in my head a closed – coffin

Dad is gone for good I use to dream about him – often 

I’m on the sixth line worried about the – seventh 

All glory and honour to the name on the – eleventh

…and as always thanks for reading || 

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