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Must watch : R E S E T your mind|| The Video

R E S E T  || “A new Word Order” 



Mirror on the floor, broken pieces with different reflections, Mr. Duareg walked passed a man with a black hat, black jacket, Ghost black car with burning wheels. Standing next to him, 7 kids chanting and crying out loud for food, water to drink and a good atmosphere to learn.

This world is cruel, this world is far from being fair. An octopus with one eye, a talking rat, and a toothless dog; left at the seashore to help but failed shamefully. What can I do to help ? Mr. Duareg asked, sweating from the unbearable heat. The Earth is dying; looking up to the sky he said. Body bags keep coming, the weak tide reluctantly transports broken bones, partially covered with scattered flesh in a series of red waves from the heart of the ocean. RESET ! the octopus with one eye screamed. Cats don’t have nine lives it’s just a line created by humans who can kill them more than nine times; octopus continued.

Mr. Duareg falls on one knee chanting RESET! with anger, rolling up his sleeves to help the poor kids from dying. The beach all filled with blood and flesh, wind blows from sea to shore a dusty taste under the burning midday sun.

“My priorities are humans, the young and helpless. I will help till I can’t help no more ,I will fight till my muscles run out of strength for my people are suffering; 3 decades of neglect, it’s time to erase the margins and draw lines of hope with prosperity for all mankind”; in a solipsistic tune Mr. Duareg speaks to no one but himself.
The man with the black hat, black jacket , ghost black car and burning wheels couldn’t stop laughing.Mr. Duareg describes him as a man of solitude, a strange creature that appears to be human in the eyes of men. The architect of sorrow.

The dead toll keeps rising with the tides, it’s a scene of red waves, body bags keep coming. This time around the ship will sail at the bottom of the ocean, the engine of lies, manipulation and betrayal is failing. A sore point, even the greatest optimist won’t dare to discuss. it’s time to RESET.

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Popular Cameroonian Blogger locks himself in car for “15 days” || Must watch

Finding your value is as hard as locking yourself up for days, no food, no water no human interaction. It is the only way you can speak to yourself, think deep and understand who you really are. The video below is a true story and a must watch. #FindYourValue

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Broken Pixels || volume “AIDS” (A must Read)


​Colonel HIV 

Arresting weak cells with no ID 

Safe sex if you don’t want thee 

An STD with a killer degree 

No cure, still feeding for free
Anti retroviral gone viral 

Mysterious inhuman serial killer 

Lost souls, crying orphans, AIDS “aller” 

The whites designed it as some people “parler” 

writing this with anger, man! I can’t “Manger” 

We need to stay safe and fight hard to “gagner” 
About 36.7M people living with HIV check the facts

About 1.1M died of AIDS last year do the maths 

Only 17M getting treatments, now that’s sad 

Billions of people don’t know their status holy crap 
I am a virgin is no escape 

Numerous ways to contract a disease that can change your fate 

3 out of 10 can be affected or infected that can change your state 

No to stigmatisation, God is the answer don’t let them change their faith 

Pray for the world, since 30years ago the fight continues till date 
Broken Pixels Broken

Work force and love ones stolen 

“White blood cells has fallen” 

stay conscious stay safe, condoms are calling

Pick up the phone in a secure line

A stitch in time saves “AIDS”, sorry Nine

Please visit a doctor if you ever see the signs 

Hug a positive friend and make them feel fine

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