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Broken Pixels || Vol 5 

Broken pixels 5

​Let it fall down flat 

Life is not a Grey iPad 

Crashing and flashing 

pixels five on a brand new path 

If you keep your mind clean, you won’t speak dirt 

No bank note vs Versace shirts 

This is my new theory not for high school flirts 

It Sounds like a recital call it two black birds 

One name Peter, one name Paul 

My mind is like a bigfoot, “the thing too tall” 

Don’t step on anybody if they shake you will fall 

Work hard, pray hard, 

Focus on your goals, a champions league ball 
How to make a childhood song become a story 

Madame Mukussa 

Girls need to marry 

Don’t play with chuckers 

Boys who claim to carry 

This year or last year ?

From Donald to Hillary

Presidential advice 

keep this in your library
“My mind don start Askia” in bracket (transform)  

“You can’t kill my talent” in bracket (James Bond)

“iGeraud should have a planet” in bracket (I am done) 

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My Black Bold Lines || Vol 5

Black Bold Lines 5

​Let’s build the future 

fresh and warm with clean moisture

Someone is already doing what you want to do

Study successful people learn a thing or two  

Fight for your purpose, take a bigger selfie too


Live life differently

start seeing things differently

A black bold guy destroyed mentally 

Until I constructed a temple mentally 
Procrastination is on your wrist, excuse is the new swag on your watch 

Don’t be a time Djay pushing things back and forth or scratch 
Hidden truth is; no one actually cares, probably few 

Don’t be afraid to try

Go out and fight be the first to clean the morning dew 

You will get hungry, even fall down and cry 

But tears can’t cook rice and stew 

Try Mathew seven : seven 
Then work from seven to seven 

Someone is watching, guardian angel from heaven 

Numbers don’t lie but if you think I am, Google 777

Find your comfort, study yourself 24/7

These are not mythical lines, they are on the map like “237”

We are still alive like mamamiya 

so many people couldn’t see the sunlight 

No heart beat their bodies on acapella 

While so many people keep hating from the spotlight…
If this is Bold enough for you 

Please Take a bolder step and share it with a friend or two 

…and as always, thanks for reading 

Broken Pixels || Vol 4

Broken Pixels 4

We are invisible 
So go tell them you are incredible 

Far from weakness we are unbreakable

Conditions seem unbearable 

Please tell them we are unstoppable

Loyalty makes a man, we stay unshakeable

All these “able” don’t put food on the table 

But we need them to keep us strong like marbles 
It’s a curse, it’s like drinking from a dead man’s cup

When you need them the most no one shows up 

it’s like writing the same words after a bold full stop
Broken dreams, broken hearts , broken pixels beam

I was once in a cave digging black ice cream 

May your dreams be bigger than your eyes can stream 

Push Open that Dodge SUV then I scream 

“I am rich , I am grateful, thank God for these dreams”
If you ever wonder what you are reading 

Go back to line one and read it with some feelings 

Your broken pixels will inspire you work hard stop chilling 

Pray for the needy, poor, and the rich they too need healing 

This is reality, I only put it in  I.N.G so you can feel me 

…and as always thanks for reading 

My Black Bold Lines || vol 4 || 

​Let your why be bigger than your how 

Keep your soul healthy like a cash cow 

Believe in God with action forget the door bow 

Generation going wild all I can say is wow…

Youths dying like fowls 

I know you can feel me now 
Black Bold Lines Four 

Let these words hit truth like the hammer of thor 

This is artistically ground braking we might need a tour 

I am iGeraud if this is true then we need some more 

Change , change , change , we need to let it pour 

 Let’s close the gap between the rich and the poor 
Money can buy you dresses and a tie 

Humility can give you a free closet and some friendly ties 

Wait not for the government, bake your own bread 

Take your mindset to the gym, work things out let it sweat 

Create something unique, blueprint it red 

Trust is big, say it only to God even in your dying bed 
When I die, they will read this and say a genius wrote it

But I am 10 times happy because a genius read it 

These words are mine from my mind choose to believe it 

It’s hard changing your life but I go by Nike to say “just do it”

I like “it” so I keep it at the end of the line hope you like it ? 
I know a man, they use to call him a village nigga 

He will get so angry and act very bitter 

lived in the village plus nigga swag, he didn’t like the name either

He later accepted the name, became very popular 

As we speak his swag is stronger than “koki way ei sleep for freezer” 


Don’t be shy, turn your identity into Black Bold Lines 

And when next they talk about you tell them words don’t bite

….and as always thanks for reading ..

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|| Another Naked Girl || by S.W 

We can’t airbrush reality.We can’t PhotoShop our bad memories by adding a party hat. Or our tears of sorrow to results of laughing so doesn’t work that way.At one point the cameras go out then the lashes,lip stain and lipstick then heels boostiers and corsets. 
And there you are,no make up to save you.Thats your broken damaged spirit,a bunch of nerves all over your skin.If you want you could tuck it in concealer,faux lashes and nails.Look perfect for a day but at night the walls will talk and with them you never have to front.

Just you no judgment no questions. Just a soft spot for sobbing,venting,letting it out.The one thing or place you don’t have to airbrush for. I hear Jesus is the same.So I guess its not really bad to have issues you can’t cry enough about.

Broken Pixels || vol 3

Broken pixels

At some point we created our own toys 

The difference between tears and joy 

Growing up wasn’t easy as a young boy 
Life then wasn’t perfect only if I could see it from here

Understanding hard times helps you face your fear

These broken pixels gave me 5K visions, HD clear 

These are not just lines, not when I write them with tears 
A long walk to freedom

Be a king in what you do and own a kingdom 

Don’t call these wise words, reading it is wisdom 

The things we do are far from simple 

I turned my mindset into a temple 

synchronise my thoughts when I smile they pop like dimples
In this thick green forest I asked God questions

When will the suffering end or the start of a sweet rest ?

I took my words back, mum said God’s time is the best 

Don’t think under pressure, the load was killing my chest
Rain, thunder storm, wet grass on a muddy path 

Choices so limited we were bound to feel the wrath 

The Hardship couldn’t sail, poor waves on stranger tides 

Jesus always walk…the storm will end for a safe flight 
My broken pixels 

You are nothing without pain 

The world mustn’t see or feel it let them enjoy the fame

See through your broken pixels 

The pain, the shame, and low lanes 

These broken Pixels gave me 5K visions HD with no stains 

My Black Bold Lines (vol 3) 

​I have a dream 

One day you and I will have a drink 

Sit back and talk about Martin Luther king 

Shine the light on others greatness rising with steam 

No more knocking on doors enough to eat and add Steen 
Forget the hate detergent they use trying to clean you out 

Greatness is a stain they can’t wipe out 

If I have to go by “out” these lines will tap out 

Black bold lines touching lives stretch your hand out
That Paulo vandini

That Paco rabanni 

That louis V

That Michael kors and Gucci 

Swag up your brain too 

Don’t let these brands brand you

My people going crazy..
A sheep trying to transform to a wolf so i brought the moon

We can have more to laugh at if we use a short spoon

Don’t make your people feel short like shadows at 12 noon 

Life is not a movie || go get it || there is no coming soon 

If you can’t find your value then u need to zoom 

Question yourself for hours you can do that in your room 
Our world is pregnant 

With so many tenants 

No love for property 

Dying kids, and poverty 

Warm hands with cold hearts and black jackets 

Industries, please don’t take away the ozone blanket

Born to die no doubt but make use of the interval 
Your heart must be clean I mean water, mineral

Not the type in douala with a taste like vinegar 

Ration your thoughts, a true complex animal 

I have a dream 
One day you and I will have a drink 

Sit back and talk about self esteem

Shine the light on poor kids, give them something to drink 

Create jobs for the people and cut tribalism links 

…and as always thanks for reading 

Aftermath – by S.W || Thrilling…|| 

​By S. W.


I still have sand in my sweater from nights we don’t remember. Every one I do right does me wrong so on lonely nights I sing this song.I hate that I love u. 

It’s a secret love affair with my pillow that has been going on for far too long than I want talk about.I cheat on all my lovers with it but it’s kind to me. It dries out before I am back. Even the tears know they sell me out.

If I tried to love you it must end badly. It’s true but hard to accept disappointment,lower points for reality than expectations.

So when next i do laundry I will be sure to wash it all off. Play the music and turn the volume way up so loud my memories can shut their ears. Maybe then I won’t remember. Maybe then it won’t hurt so much 

This is not who I am but its where I am.

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