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Touching The Keys on Life’s Board… #Hint

Birth, like dirt, they clean you and watch you cry out as a sign of arrival while waiting for death. 

As a “child”, You couldn’t see, life’s vision is clear but at a bad angle it looks blurry 

#FirstKey – Tho some control you or play you, some will be there for you even when their hands are tight and busy 

#SecondKey– Grow up ,way up create your own space change things around you fight for your own key or get yourself a “lady”

#ThirdKey– No one said it would be easy, They capitalise on your mistakes, careless about your feelings, but trust yourself and take things easy 

#FourthKey– it gets harder now you can’t see, you can’t figure things out its more than blurry. Move to the right side and ask yourself some Q, i mean questions. 

There are about  “104 keys“, so “keep it 100” for life has more than enough for us. Key notes to learn, to create, to change things around you. Touch the right keys on life’s board make change no matter how small it is. 

…and as always thanks for reading…

#BrainPower || #iGeraud 

Say No To Online Piracy …#Bloggers 

Stuck on stupid…

Yes you found true friendship via an app call cupid

Sad! This is dark, real deep , everything is black 

They see you rolling, very busy like an African park 

Stuck on stupid still…

She will never be stronger than “man of steel”

Excuse my words I only got some “pun star skills” 

Let your mind pose and your spine “say chills”

Stuck on stupid shades…

CEOs without a living brain

Stuck on stupid shades 

Never throw things to people with “no aim

Please pause…! 

Moment of silence to nobody 

Of course…! 

So many words in my head like an old library 

Please you can copy down , copy up, copy left, for I am the sole owner with a copy right.


Say NO to Online Piracy …

What can you Remember ? #TheFuturePast 

Strictly Mboko! 

Do you remember “stinking”?

Do you remember playing with car tyres?

Do you remember long black outs in the rainy season during holidays, Dark clouds and cold winds ?

Do you remember the fresh smell from your new books ?

Do you remember “beezè” ?

Do you remember “nzolor beating”

Do you remember running for reason ?

Yeah you remember …like it was yesterday.

Feels like those things don’t exist they fade away

Old time friends not there anymore gone faraway 

Now You get so emotional when it’s Sabbath day

Busy  weekdays you feel like looping Saturday 

We all have to try, try harder anyways 

What do you remember?

The eve of Xmass in December ?

The easy life before you became a worker ?

Real friends with real words before they became haters ?

Tell yourself what you remember…

REFRESH your mindset and thank God you are still alive for there is more to remember ! 
And as always … Thanks for reading 

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