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DID BARACK OBAMA KILL PANDA?…watch the full video



“Our world is dying” – My Abstract Series (Dark Light episode |||) 

Infotain Your Mindset

Swimming shadows in a pool

If you are not bad enough they call you a fool

People use people like tools

If you are true to yourself you got nothing to lose

Dark lights in my dreams, warm hearts with cold hands, they judge not with emotions and facts but what they see and feel. We are playing and laughing in a mysterious ground, a place so cruel it shows you tears from a clown. Humility is dead, stabbed several times by ego and fame some feed from reminiscent just to stay true, think and act like humans again.

We have been blinded we only see things through light, your reflection speaks but no one can listen. They say the truth can set you free nobody is using it tho, but we clap and talk about freedom fighters and how they influenced us. Goodness is the new mask, a cup of water to a brother is a cup of sweat and blood in return. Humans are now ladders, they sweet talk their way to the top with stingy looking shoes, a fake heart of gold, helping the poor is the new swag?.

Swimming shadows in a pool

If you are not bad enough they call you a fool

People use people like tools
If you are true to yourself you got nothing to lose
The new world is online dancing to fictional sounds, souls don’t cry anymore as before, the body is happy and fresh the spirit is covered with blood, tears, and anger trying to press play for a redemption song to come on. The blueprint we make stay on megabytes but the blueprint our fathers shelter us from the burning sun and feed our minds with grace. 

Who is dying? Who is crying? Who is laughing for real? Selfishness bought a new knife, she walks around with a venomous smile, her growth , her time, her interest is second to non. Earth is no more for humanity, it’s a place to feel good and if you are not bad enough they call you a fool. We can’t do it alone and we carry so much ego we can’t fly with people. Instead, people use people like tools. We are swimming shadows in a pool and if you are true to yourself you got nothing to lose.

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Three Simple Reasons Why My Blog is AMAZING

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Read METAPHORIC punchlines On Some Artists (#237 Episode) 


Infotain Your mindset


Leonardo da Vinci your art with your heart

Nobody said it would be funny even Kevin hart 

These lines are short and they are crispy 

Take a picture of my blog and show Kelly B 📷

Seriously I got brains I am a coolkid 

Nosliipgang this month should be amazing 

Please this is not a poem ask kale Dante 

Bamenda industry night be bi na Santé 

I no Fear monster except he has a Mic 🎤

Pazzo” is like pizza but don’t take a bite 🍕

Social media now na sports any man fit fight? 💪🏾

If the thin No Hit then you have No Record

A good Party Tale has little or no weapon  

I think my favourite singer should be Gasha 😏

Askia is the best female rapper…Nope! Gatcha 😜

Blaise B for braids Eposi Master 

His rap is like maths Google Blaise pascal 

Let me stop right here, no be power for go Viral ? 



 (Comfort meets class)

what goes up must come down but what if you go up and you still can’t enjoy the best of it?…Well, not with Ethiopian Airline, i mean not with the best airline in Africa. Friday the 8th of April 2016 puts Ethiopian Airline at 70years of service. They started small, went through tough times and today they hold with them, lots of awards from around the world.

Ethiopian Airline wasn’t just the first to connect east and west africa, or the first african airline  to own a long range plane that can land anywhere in the world but they introduced us to the dreamliner. An Aircraft with enough space and comfort for all.

They provide quality training to their cabin crew students and engineers. Talking of training, the first set of 42 flight attendants selected from cameroon took their first flight recently.

Ethiopian airline has a dedicated flight simulator as part of the course in training their students. what?…OK!, Let’s get it straight here, by now you should know Ethiopian airline takes security as number one priority.


Oh yes! i know what you have been waiting for, PRICE! i am so sorry i do not have much to say about their prices but take this little info before you go about spending too much just to travel via some other not so sweet and comfortable airline. ETHIOPIAN AIRLINE HAS GROUND FLOOR PRICES, i mean super affordable.

Please, if you are travelling a lot or hoping to travel anytime soon, choose Ethiopian airline and save the stress. Tell a friend to tell a friend, share this post to them let them do their research if they have to. They are the The new spirit of Africa.


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This new disease named -WEAKNESS- kills more than HIV/AIDS …so sad😔

This disease can be transferred from one person to another, via many channels and also from the things we like and how we relate to them on a daily basis.

Do not be fooled, weakness is a disease and it is killing our love ones, breaking bonds, destroying our economy and society as a whole…// 
The people around you…

We travel, we meet, we connect with so many people in ourlives from birth till now. This is my understanding; those you have spent almost 1/4 of your life with or even 1/2, leave with you, tons of memories. Their influence in your life accounts for almost the same as their stay and sometimes even more. Tho there are exceptions, I think majority of them left their blueprint. When you do not have the opportunity to connect with them, somehow you are affected with what they left be it bad or good. Meanwhile, new comers bring to you new opportunities and instil in you the drive of discovering other things about yourself. The people around you matter a lot. 

…now, How do you relate to them, how do you distribute your time to them? Who gets more, who deserves more, who need more? These are questions we need to ask often. These questions help us understand ourselves and the people around us because time is precious, we do not have it at all, so think about how you spend this gift of life. Let it be worthwhile to your soul and your happiness. 

The things we like… 

Technology,biology,Chemistry,literature,culture…etc These disciplines define every object, passion, believe, energy in the universe. What do you like? How often do you enjoy what you like? How does it influence you? These questions need answers from us. Are they what morality is preaching? How good do they connect you with life’s virtues and peace of mind? The things we like affects us a lot, what we associate with often. Music, dance, sports…etc all connects with your mind and body. Your state, condition or present situation has marks in it generated from the things you like and how you have been connecting with it. 

…now, how do you choose what to like? What is worth liking? Generally, everything is likeable it depends on the individual’s state of mind. How ready are you to like rap music or pop, can your state of mind allow you to see things on a positive note and connect with it. Do you like things because people like them? All these affects us. Let what you like be worthwhile to your soul and your happiness. 

                             Generally humans are weak and helpless

We struggle everyday to act in our full potential, nobody can do what you do, nobody can be you!. It is the weakness that makes us to fail, that makes us to see another person as weak, yeah! Because if you were stronger, everybody around you would benefit and become strong with your help. Weakness makes us to see others as weak. It makes you to laugh at another person thinking you are better. It makes you feel supreme and “strong”. That weakness is the inability to see yourself and others around you to be powerful beings. What is your weakness? Find it. That’s part of life, we have more than one, fix it, then make yourself and people around you Strong. 

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