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My Abstract Series ‘DARK LIGHTS’ episode ✌🏾(2)

Light moves, things change || Removed light , changes things” why did he give us darkness, why should we question? I just questioned question. Deep theories, believable myths, mysteries, jaw dropping acts. Where is the light? Which one is powerful? 
Never stop asking, for it’s in our survival instincts when darkness falls. He gave us 24 hours, how do you use it?, it’s not about what you do or what you get from what you do. We all want to be free, feel good, worry less, sleep good, laugh loud, cry less…what we want is endless…

I see envy rapped in a white tissue covered with a fake “hello and hi”. Before then I saw anger and frustration coming out from a bleeding heart, sweating and panting asking for help and at the same time willing to do anything to survive.  

That” old man told me a story about a race between an antelope and a tortoise, the lessons i got were tilted towards one direction (Be smart)

 “The world is a beautiful place and there is ugly in beauty“. Dark Light

lost in the world, trapped in the spiral of day and night, buried in opinions, controlled by “them”. “I see dead people drinking, listening to trap music, handcuffed by operating systems and applications. One of them told me “don’t  act like a Bigfoot…don’t create buzz, show off, make money, speak like you have the last say but so afraid to show up in the ‘light’…”

They use to be afraid of “darkness”, They use to…then they realised later it wasn’t  “darkness” but Dark Lights. Twisted souls posing like role models, standing next to your dreams dressed in gold plated fabriques and all white shoes…blood stains beneath those shoes (Be Smart)

Everything happens for a reason …(destiny) 
Some day your Dark Light will leave you, not because you fought and won but because you lived your life this way…

This is your life: pray, be thankful, stay healthy, be humble, wait for your turn, be patient, be patient, be patient … 

And as always…thanks for reading… 


The layers to my soul, the divine force at the back of my heart, the vision of a bright light and a gold plated path. This is for you. I care, i share, i swear not to swear  about the things that i fear. God! Inspiration, i deep fry my emotions in warm blood, i seek formation when my brain fails. God! Inspiration, i sold my imagination to my dreams so i can get closer to it while i sleep. ‘energy flows where attention goes’ I owe you a lot…i do not have much, i do not pay all to attention, all i need is energy.

My intentions are building a castle with rocks, if that is not good enough, my mind is stock on positive. I hear bad stories, she gives me bad signals, he gives me facts…saying these people do not care, something is wrong somewhere but…i am stock. Intentions keep building meanwhile i was chatting with ‘GiveUp’ last night before going to sleep and he said..’i destroy the weak, i seize their strength and i block their visions, i make them see nothing but shadows at the end of the tunnel. Before you ask why? you need to know i was named after my role’… and he continued by saying..’The the good side of me helps you GIVEUP the bad side’             …End of Chat… 

You can not feel your heart, yet it carries almost all the attributes and credits: your pain, your fear, your love, your weakness, your goodwill…The layers to your soul.

Wild thoughts with venom stains, wounded feelings sleeping on pale looking skin…Dark dreams with vintage effects. I see lost souls in pure white shoes standing next to a burning car doing nothing but dancing to distorted tunes and hoping for everybody to know their ‘BlackLivesMatter’.

You no more remember sweat mixed with dust particles running down your face, or the pain of you kneeling down for hours as punishment for misbehaving. They spend hours thinking about stocks, even more thinking about reputation. You keep cleaning your all white shoes standing next to ‘flames of steel’. You watch dark smoke via matt black shades, it is rushing through your lungs and you still feel fab…The layers to my soul…

This is your life…eat well, work hard, smile always, stay humble, ask, seek, find, share, help, support…The food to your soul.

It is dark out there, turn up the light

Not everybody likes you, smooth criminal

Do not trust too much, Good girls gone bad

Stay strong in hard times, Testimony


And as always…






Apply for a Loan Via your Smartphone || (Ovamba Plus) Mobile application…


My last meeting with Ovamba, the financial instution that has small and medium size businesses in Cameroon and west Africa at heart, was basically a digital transformation of how loans can be applied for via your smartphone. The application (Ovamba Plus) available for free only on the Google play market for now, gives you that one-touch connection in applying for a loan to help build your business. 

The Brains behind the App and its functions…

Digital is the new black”, Downlaod the Ovamba mobile application, apply today and expand your business while Creating a digital friendly relationship with your environment.

  HOW? (Sorry I almost lost you there) …The Ovamba Plus mobile application, helps you search other businesses and places around you. Their love for not only growing your business but to keep your business tools in good shape, made them to include a smart cache cleaner, weather and Conatct list. 


search places near you via the app…



While the main objective of the application is to ease the application process for loans, Ovamba promised to give out an updated version of the application with better functionalities and smooth use. 

You can check the this link …

To know more about the application…

As always thanks for reading….

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