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Have you been wasting your time ? Errrrm Nope! …Read WHY…

It’s amazing how time can allow us change, create, and experience. Take a moment and retrospect for a while, we have changed a lot; You know right? Rocking between mistakes and corrections can really tell us more about ourselves, the people around us and our environment.

How do you experience time? Most people always say “Arrrhg don’t waste my time I hope you have written something interesting today?” But how do you know time is being wasted and why? Is it because you are running late and that fellow passenger seems to be on slow motion just to get out of the cab? Or  it’s break time and the lecturer is still on point 3 of 5?

However  you calculate your time and put value to it, learn today; there is time and there is timing. Time allows you to do anything likewise stops you from doing somethings but timing makes sense of both time wasted and actual time given.

In some way there is no such thing as wasted time. That takes us to Change, creativity, and experience …you can add the list. In every 10 minutes you spend doing “nothing” you can say; you have wasted time but experience, change, even knowledge occurred during that time frame and all that was Timing not time wasted per say.

Every second counts, as long as you are in time you will realise you haven’t been wasting it but experiencing it. You will understand timing as time goes on. Like learning from your mistakes, gratification comes after.

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