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Financing at its BEST with OVAMBA 👍🏾

If you know how to mind your Business then I am glad to introduce you to a company that carries Loans/Finanncing at Heart. 

Meet Ovamba, created to support African economies by improving acces to credit for small and medium interprises. You can only find one in west Africa OVAMBA.  Oh! yeah financing that company/interprise of yours with Ovamba is as swift as 123. 

With about 60-80 clients coming in to apply for loans, getting it has never been this easy. Oh I know you still have the long, stressful,not so transparent process most banks use but oops! They are faster and by stepping into their website you can commence application right away. (Oh It’s the digital era forget stress) 

These days team work is the key. Ovamba has a TEAM, it’s a highly trained set of individuals with diverse ideas and background. Making them your partner will be like adding more turbo engines to your jet of success, profit making, growth and more.  

Part of Ovamba Team

Try OVAMBA today, make a change , accomplish those company goals blocked by financial constraints, poor transactions , Brown enveloping techniques  (you know what I am talking about ). Their interest rates are mind blowing. Tell a friend today , OVAMBA is here to help push up economic growth in Cameroon and Africa. 

Get more at or

And as always thanks for reading.  


My Blog And You

“If you are waiting on your neighbour to make it happen for you, it will never happen.” 

From those words I realised no matter how good or bad your background is, hard work is the difference between getting rich and die trying. A lot of people become comfortable, they keep on doing the same things done by their mentors and expect to be great or even greater. You have friends, family, people to help when you need it but the questions are; for how long will they be there for you, and for how long will you keep asking for help and Start helping others ?

I can tell you with the best of sweet words how amazing you are. But sadly it’s not about you, it’s about what you can do in life, what you have done, and the things you are going to do. Every man writes his own destiny , what are you writing? How valuable is the material ? Is it just full of deep words and complicated grammar with no soul? Ask yourself ! 

Search for the reason

 Today, I need you to find something. Search for the reason why you need to be the person you want to be. Why you need that job, certificate or trust. There is always a why in every circumstance and that should be the push factor, the drive , the motivation to continue or start up what you want. 

It’s so sad we are bound to live and later die. The graveyard remains the most wealthiest place on the planet because Ideas, dreams, innovations that we were not expose to, Words, knowledge , buried forever. Why are you here and alive ? Yeah I know that’s complicated but go deep and find that reason. 

Time is so amazing. It creates memories and delete some. It gives chances and take some . These words won’t stay all in your memory am glad they are all online and hopefully some years after they will still be here saying the same thing but to different people. That’s time for you. Take adavangte of it right now.  

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