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DON’T Worry about it, Let me HELP you SPEAK…

Oh! NO! I won’t curse your “haters” or talk about the things that you don’t want to talk about, do I even know them ? Nope!. You see most people get angry when they talk about them or when people insult them. Hellooo! It’s either you are guilty or you don’t have anything important enough to do than worry about it. 

John said Mary told him Peter revealed to her…bla bla bla. Listening is 10 times better than talking but When you keep listening to people morethan your inner self then you might just end up grabbing all the shit that they produce.

Hummm! That’s a smart one up there. I know you can’t handle some people in your life , the way they create stories and introduce their own selfish perspectives just to either make it sound catchy or “gossip worthy” (excuse my phrase I have no relationship with anybody from England) all I am saying is my humble reader, you need to share this material to those set of people . Please!

Let me reveal somthing to you; please if you have been a victim it will make you sad a little. Most people don’t know, it crowds our mind all day and affects us a lot especially our relationships with people…ok now read the words on the picture I am done.


That is deep!! I know you will read that twice or more. Now you know it, in life we must take sides and be ready to withstand the effects. As we layback and talk about those we love, same way sometimes you talk about people you don’t love or “Hate“. And if you are on this Earth and not some Allien reading my blog from space, then you are a victim of that message. Don’t worry about it let me help you speak…


Ok! That’s it …Just make sure you are busy next time when that friend comes knocking just to give you the latest Gossip, or keeps running down your battery with messages about others. You have no clue about people’s stories …let them tell you. 

I just helped you speak , share and help others.
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Please Click For an amazing Tour : Star Land Hotel bonapriso …

Welcome, let me give you a tour in one of the best Hotels in town. Please!! Some people judge the idea of spending time in a fresh room, classic restaurant, all clean and good environment …some say it’s “ground cargo” Na poverty Di worry you.  Sorry am joking all fingers are not thesame… Now role your eyes on this picture .

Yeap!! It’s in Cameroon, I didn’t download it from some foreign website, Matter of fact, I took that shot. This is star land Hotel bonapriso and nope! It’s not for stars and diplomatic men and women please! It’s to make YOU enjoy the good things in life.  Oh! You are thinking it’s just some regular hotel right? 4 Star Hotel my dear reader. 

*Wireles connection (very fast 3G of course) 

*well funished rooms (just spy below)

* conference and ball rooms 

*A mini bar, mini shop, Gym, (you have to stay healthy at all times) 

*  …       (That suspension mark is for the amazing things I couldn’t believe were in there)

Star land Hotel it’s digital if you may want to know, you can make reservations, online and offline, get free transportation if you are a “bush faller” but if you aren’t please just take a taxi at any point in Douala (destination ; Star land Bonpriso) it’s well known. 

I know some people have attitude problems and it’s a minus in some public places like Bars, restaurants, shopping mall…hey ! I am talking about Customer service. You need to meet them, star land hotel has angels on Earth, yea I said it, customer service is #OnPoint


Hmm! I know you won’t notice I wrote under this picture keep looking…  
Yes! Keeping appreciating in your heart but don’t just end there, go give yourself a treat. Everybody is smiling it’s not just for the camera, it’s the fulfilment, joy, and warm company offered by Star Land Hotel In Bonapriso.

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The Secret, almost everybody knows but few practice…

Many people question their situation a lot, why? Because it’s painful, it’s uncomfortable, it’s not what they wish for…the list is longer that my blog space can handle.

This is the truth! You will be hurt, you will cry, you will fail, disappointment will be part of your daily events. Now you know it, accept it, and let it GO!. Don’t run from your environment, your family, your friend, your job, because it’s bad it will not change a thing. Well if it has to change then the people responsible for the change are way stronger and better than YOU!.

Being strong is all we need, it will not happen over night. You will get knocked out by your problems, challenges and fears. FACE IT!. There are many ways to say no to your current situation, that problem you face, that thing you want so bad and you just can’t get it. It starts within that environment. stop running and chase your problems away.

We are surrounded by our peers, family, mentors and all sorts of people. They will give you the best of advice, motivation, sweet talk and even take you to the stream but only you can drink. Stop waiting for your family, best man or best woman to tell you what you have to do. Face it! “Heaven help those who help themselves” The greatest book ever written will tell you that.

A better life starts with you…Face it.
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